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Our Tile and Flooring Services

Set-n-Stone Tile & Flooring prides itself for offering one of the most diverse selections of Tile & Flooring to be found around the world in 1 place. Only the best quality products the industry has to offer are sold here at a price made to meet the masses. In addition we offer installation on everything we sell, including complete bathroom renovations and any sized commercial projects at non-union rates. We have all the products commonly spec’d by architects for both the home and commercial application. From Ceramic tile and Hardwood to Carpet, laminate and Vinyl tile and Linoleum. Whether you’re a proud do-it-yourselfer or you’re a contractor in need of supplies for upcoming projects, we’ll provide you with the best in the field at the price you expect. Set-n-Stone is fully licensed and insured with the state of NJ, proudly serving Lafayette and surrounding areas. We back our service with more than 10 years of successful industry experience, and we look forward to serving you.

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We only the best in the industry, just click on the brand below to check a complete product details, than visit us or contact us with a reference number to order for you.

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